Welcome to Japanese calligraphy ”Wayoh” world!

■Udoyoshi Calligraphy Lessons are the only place in Japan where you can learn The Exclusive Readable “Wayoh” Style Calligraphy

I invented modernized readable “Wayoh” Calligraphy from analyzing the history of our ancestors and their obstacles and by reviewing the brush strokes and tools for everyone to enjoy.

■ What my lessons provide you


Lesson fee

Lesson photos

1.”Wayoh” style Calligraphy trial lesson


 Japanese calligraphy experienceJapanese calligraphy experience

2.Carving your name on the stone of a personal seal


008 060

Making Stone stamps

  • minimum of 2 persons with a maximum of 7 persons
  • Reservation required
  • Requested design for not commercial purposes Requested  from \3,000
  • Requested design for commercial purposes  from \50,000

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