State of the classroom

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The classroom is a Japanese-style room”Wa-shitsu”.
You sit down on a chair and experience Japanese calligraphy”Wayoh”.
So you don’t sit down Japanese style “Seiza”, with the buttocks on top of the ankles.

I invented The Exclusive Readable “Wayoh” Style Calligraphy for beginners, including foreign visitors.

(Work example of the tourist.A paper written on calligraphy is a copy.)
Actually, the phonetic alphabet of Japanese “Hiragana” is seldom used in calligraphy. Contemporary mainstream Calligraphy is Chinese style (referred to as “Karayo”).(Details will be described later) So, I made a new Japanese style which foreigners are able to comprehend easier than Chinese characters.

We call this Japanese style “Wayoh” in contrast to “Karayo” which is Chinese.